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For many, an extremely important step in the rehabilitation process is aftercare. Once you leave a treatment facility, it may not mean you’re totally finished. During your new life path, you may hit bumps in the road; therefore making it difficult to maintain a steady course…you don’t have to go backwards, you may just need a little help continuing foreword. Keep in mind, you’ve worked so hard to get to this point, why go back? A quality aftercare program can help, including building you a customized relapse prevention plan.

Having a good relapse prevention plan in place as you begin your new life path is essential. This type of plan will help you:

  • Create a solid foundation to which you can build upon
  • Identify warning signs / potential relapse triggers
  • Understand how to manage your sober time
  • Undertand how to take care of yourself physically and mentally

Let us help! You may be on your own at this point and not knowing where to turn when help is needed can be frightening. To top it off, finding a good aftercare program can be frightening as well. We at Abandon Addiction can help. We care about your new life path and understand the importance that an aftercare program can play and that is why our services extend into aftercare as well.

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