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Dual Diagnosis

If you or someone you know is suffering from both substance abuse and a mental health condition at the same time, then this is a co-occurring condition or dual diagnosis. People often wonder, does the substance abuse cause the mental illness or does the mental illness cause the individual to self-medicate? Either way the substance abuse only compounds the overall situation.

Getting Help: Due to the many treatment options available for addiction, it is important to locate a treatment center that specializes the treatment of dual diagnosis. The best dual diagnosis facilities should provide a comprehensive treatment team that includes a psychiatrist, medical doctor, therapist, and additional support staff.

Recovery: Post treatment is crucial for a long-term recovery. A dual diagnosis is similar to any other diseases such as diabetes in that if you stop following your protocol to stay healthy, the condition may relapse. There are a number of options that include psychiatry, individual therapy, sober living, outpatient dual diagnosis program, and 12-Step and Non 12-Step support groups.

Let us help: Finding the right dual diagnosis treatment center can be a daunting task. The recommendation for dual diagnosis treatment centers should be done in a licensed inpatient or residential setting with a licensed medical team for increased safety and the best outcome. At Abandon Addiction we understand this process so call us today at (888) 852-8452 to discuss your options and to locate a safe and comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program for you.

This is urgent and potentially life threatening, don’t wait, get in a safe and comfortable dual diagnosis treatment center today! Please call now at (888) 852-8452. We look forward to helping you!

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